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  • Bw-dz product is the newly launched neutral point grounding resistance cabinet microcomputer measurement and control device

    Bw-dz product is the newly launched neutral point grounding resistance cabinet microcomputer measurement and control device, it is bowei adhering to decades of successful experience in the field of power system secondary equipment manufacturing, to provide users with high quality, cost-effective protection measurement and control integration device. Bw-dz is suitable for neutral point grounding system through resistance in substation or power plant.

  • Bw-500 series neutral point grounding protection device

    Bw-500 series neutral point grounding protection device is a set of isolation switch, zinc oxide arrester, discharge gap and current transformer and other electrical equipment combined as a whole set of equipment, with small volume, easy to install and debug, high reliability.

  • Photovoltaic power generation project

    Our company can undertake 200MW and below centralized photovoltaic power generation project, industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic power generation project, household rooftop photovoltaic power generation project, integrated optical storage power generation project, agricultural light complementary, fishing light complementary power generation project and other kinds of solar photovoltaic power generation project EPC. And to provide customers with design procedures, construction, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance services one-stop overall services.

  • General contract of wind power project

    Our company can undertake centralized wind power generation, decentralized wind power generation, onshore wind power generation, offshore wind power generation, wind-complementary power generation projects and other large, medium and small wind power generation projects. It can also be the general contractor of EPC, fan lifting, voltage boost, power collection lines and other projects. It can also provide operation and maintenance services for customers to ensure high-quality wind power projects for customers.

  • General contract of power distribution project EPC

    Our company can undertake state grid corporation 110 kv and below power transmission line and substation engineering construction contractor, industry expansion user substation project total package 110 kv and below, and provide the customers with the reporting procedure, design, construction, commissioning and operational integration services, to ensure the safety of the equipment operation reliability, and USES the means of intelligent electrical repair services.

  • Optical storage and charging integrated electric vehicle charging station

    Our company can provide construction services of light-storage charging station for electric vehicles, and can also customize various electric vehicle charging station projects, photovoltaic carport projects, and energy storage charging station projects according to user requirements. Provide various charging service projects for electric vehicles.

  • Electric preventive test

    The power system runs a large number of power equipment, and the safe operation of power equipment is the premise of ensuring safe and reliable power supply. There may be some quality problems in the design and manufacture of power equipment, and damage may occur during installation and transportation, which may cause some latent faults. In the operation of power equipment, due to the influence of voltage, heat, chemical, mechanical vibration and other factors, its insulation performance will deteriorate, or even lose insulation performance, resulting in accidents.

  • Bve-900 Intelligent energy operation and maintenance monitoring system

    Bve-900 smart energy operation and maintenance monitoring system comprehensively applies power data collection, Internet of Things communication, mobile Internet and cloud computing technologies to build a cloud service platform that provides core business support for power operation and maintenance management, which is suitable for power supply companies, electricity sales companies and power operation and maintenance companies.

  • GCK type low pressure extraction switch cabinet

    Houndreds types product as like GCK low-voltage withdrawable series distribution ark (hereinafter referred to as device) is a packaged distribution equipment, and applied to ac 50 hz, rated voltage 380 v and below three phase four wire or five line of three-phase system as power center (PC) control center (MCC) of power system

  • GCS type low-voltage pull-out switch cabinet

    GCS type low-voltage pull-out switch cabinet is suitable for power plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy

  • MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear

    MNS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is a new generation of low-voltage switchgear developed by our company according to market demand. The technical standard of products conforms to IEC439 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment"; Gb7251.1-1997 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" and other standards.

  • GGD type AC low voltage fixed switchgear

    GGD type AC low voltage fixed switchgear is suitable for power plants, substations, factories and mining enterprises and other power users of the power distribution system of AC 50Hz,

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